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Preventative Health Care : Having your pet vaccinated for contagious diseases is only part of their total health care. Twice yearly physical exams should be performed in order to prevent or detect early onset of illness.
Animal medicine has made great strides in recent years and pets are now enjoying much longer and trouble free lives with the aid of qualified and conscientious health care professionals. Our goal is to keep your pet healthy and free from discomfort as long as we can so you can enjoy all the wonders a pet can bring into your life.

Petly : You may email staff, request appointments or boarding reservations, and review your pet's medical records through a secure internet portal. To access your Petly Account, click here.

Hospitalization/Surgery : Surgery and hospitalized patients are cared for in our ICU treatment area. They are monitored throughout the day by our doctors, technicians and assistants.  All pets being admitted for procedures requiring anesthesia should be brought in between 7:30-8 AM.  You may call after 1 PM for an update. For updates on patients hospitalized overnight, please call after 9 AM.

Boarding : Cats, dogs, birds, and exotics may be boarded at our facility. All pets must be up to date on vaccines and have had a wellness exam within the last year. Birds must also have had a negative Psittacosis test.

Pet Food and Supplies : For your convenience and your pet's health and happiness, our hospital carries a selection of the following professional pet food and supplies:
Food and nutritional supplements
Flea and tick control products (for pet and home)
Dental care products
We will be glad to consult with you regarding the best dietary requirements for your pet’s particular needs.

Specialists : Board certified specialists in Internal Medicine and Surgery are available at our hospital. They are brought in for second opinion consultations, advanced surgical procedures, ultrasound, and endoscopic examinations.

Dental Care : Pets need dental care too! We offer a wide variety of dental care including cleanings, extractions, digital radiology and preventative care. Regular professional cleaning is important to your pet’s health.

Pharmacy : We offer a full pharmacy in our hospital. This includes preventative medications for heartworm disease, flea/tick and also medication if your pet is sick. We can also flavor most medications.

Lab/Diagnostics: Our hospital offers in-house blood work including Complete Blood Count (CBC), serum chemistry panels, heartworm testing, FeLV/FIV testing and testing for several tick borne diseases including Lyme disease. We also offer digital radiology.